An Interview with Niraj of the Alpha Mind

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The Alpha Mind System has been developed by both scientists, physicians and musicians.

I caught up with Niraj and asked him about the Alpha State.

We also talked about enhanced learning, focus, creativity, deeper sleep, stronger immune system, well-being, the father of personal development and much more.


 You can Check out the Alpha Mind System and learn to switch on your beneficial Alpha brainwave state at will.

Niraj Naik is the founder of the Alpha Mind System, one half of amAya and has worked as a pharmacist and health and wellness consultant to various organizations in the UK.

He has co-produced the alpha brainwave music and has written special guides that show you how to make the best use of the System.

They are based on his own self healing “miracle” after recovering from a chronic disease the result of using the same techniques found within the Alpha Mind System.

Find out more about the Alpha Mind System and get your Free samples and book Here

2 Replies to “An Interview with Niraj of the Alpha Mind”

  1. I will be looking at coffee in a completly new light! I think I will still be having a cuppa joe tho 😉 I’ll try out the green tea too. Thanks, great stuff.

    1. Hi Becca

      Steve Collazo (the recording engineer for SOGR Hypnosis) always called his coffee, a cup of Joe. Good news if you like your coffee but want more Alpha brainwave creativity, peek performance and more.

      Glad you liked the interview. I hope you have downloaded the samples from Niraj’s website, the really are awesome.


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