7 Day Whirlwind

In this report I extend a challenge to you and give you a really cool technique for making quick and lasting change.

Inspired by my 40th Birthday and recent events, I though you would like this.

If you do leave me a comment.

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  1. Hey John.

    Thanks for this. I love your style of writing and the technique (properly credited to Bandler) is awesome.

    I have learned this technique before but I hadn’t thought about using it to plan how I want to be. Love it.

    Thanks again and keep it up.


  2. Hi Aspen,

    This NLP technique is a very powerful one, going straight for the kinaesthetic (feelings). There are other times where you would want to change the visual, auditory or other aspect of your experience.

    Used as a technique for increasing motivation to do something or to create excitement the Spinning technique is very effective.

    Glad you enjoyed it

  3. Hi John, I was just needing something new to motivate me and I got it. So, thank you very much. I relly appreciate this gift. God bless you.

  4. I love your generous spirit, John! Thank you for the reminder of RB’s technique.

    The suggestion that we start again when we endure a bad feeling for more than 30 seconds amuses me to think of the anally honest person who recognizes how many feelings come and go unacknowledged may be starting the 7 days over and over and over ad infinitum.

    In Joy and friendship, A.T.

    PS I’ve been gaining happy success with my business Dismissed…in the Interest of Justice! http://www.dismissedtickets.com. Although I probably couldn’t help UK drivers get out of their traffic tickets, I have had 90% success doing just that for California drivers. And, the method has nothing to do with arguing the law. Instead, I reawaken the possibility of multiple perspectives which rouses my clients from the policeman’s trance that his perspective is the one and only legitimate perspective. Once the driver accepts this, then we are able to compose a “Statement of Facts” which has proven compellingly convincing to the judges who have ruled for all but one of my clients that their tickets “DISMISSED.”

    1. A.T thanks for your comment…

      …and your kind words 🙂

      7 days that never end! The idea is to do it until you do it without thinking about it…

      Could have done with your Dismissed service a couple of years ago, good luck with it.

  5. Hi. I love the to read your work you seem to be a very intelligent person and also know me very well from your emails .I don’t know much about hypnosis and some what afraid to try it.I feel that I may not be the same person after. I want to thank you again for the mental and morning glory exercises which I do every day. I am very happy to know you have a wonderful day.

    1. Hi Premwatee,

      Thanks you for your kind words 🙂

      With some hypnosis the idea is to be different i.e. giving up smoking… with my Pure Relaxation hypnosis track that’s mainly about relaxing so you can let go of stress and also to help positively focus your mind on what you do what, I hope that helps, if you want to know more drop me an email.

      Glad you are enjoying the morning exercises.



  6. Thank you John. Very nicely done and perfect to get me out of my fear of doing something. You are amazing in the gems you share and I am very grateful (as I do not doubt others are too), for all that you give out free of charge.

    Stay blessed and happy and never change. You are a true example of what a human being should be.

    Phini xx

  7. Hello John,
    I just love your 7 Day Whirlwind approach to ridding of negative feelings. I also love how you can replace it with good feelings. That’s easy, just cuddle my cat makes me happy and can help spin any bad feelings out the door. Thank you for all your wonderful inspiration. I absolutely LOVE all your work. It has helped me soooooo much. You’re a God send!

    1. Hi Kaaren,
      Ah ha, the cat cuddling technique, purr-fect 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words, ridding the negative feelings is important and filling the void with positive ones stops them form coming back. Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. You are a Bright shinning Star John,
    Thank you so much for being part of my life, your work and dedication is so much appreciated, stay happy and well always x

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