Gratitude of the Taken for Granted

Gratitude, it’s something a lot of personal development gurus talk about having but it’s something that a lot of people struggle with.

When something is new, it’s easy to be grateful for it. When it becomes routine it’s easy to forget about it…

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“The moment you permit your mind to dwell with dissatisfaction upon things as they are, you begin to lose ground”  Wallace Wattles

If you’re grateful, leave me a comment…


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106 Replies to “Gratitude of the Taken for Granted”

  1. Thanks John. It is easy to miss what you do have and to take things for granted. Just to let you know I appreciate you for recording this, thanks, Sue

    1. John as I listened to you speak about the very simple things a smile came on my face, I WAS one of those who thought it hard to find many things to be grateful for as if simplicity doesn’t matter. Your wisdom is a blessing. Thank you John, Natalie

      1. Hi Natalie,
        Awesome. That’s great. This is such a wonderful world and there is so much to be grateful for. I’m glad it helped:)

  2. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for your comment it helps me know I on track creating value for you guys and encourages others to comment… I hope 😉

    Thanks John

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for your ‘gratitude’ reminder. Thank you also for the specific example of a time to fit ‘gratitude’ into our lives.

      Happy days


      1. Hi Emma,

        It’s such a great feeling, gratitude and the more that you practise it the better that feeling gets and of course when you feel grateful it’s because something wonderful has just happened.

        Have a great full day

  3. thank you john, i agree with you a 100% in our society we have the tendency to take for granted to many things and one of them is being gratefull for all the things we come across in our lives, thank you for making us aware of things like this so we can become better human beings. thank you from my heart.

    1. Hi Mauricio,

      I genuinely do love helping people. That’s why I became a hypnotist, NLP trainer and worked with clients one-to-one, to make a difference to people.

      Gratitude is such a simple and easy thing to add into your daily life and it makes you feel good. Plus when you show gratitude to other people they feel good to…

      so thanks for the wonderful comment, I am very grateful 🙂

  4. Thanks for that reminder John – Just what I needed to start my day. We seem to take some things for granted. Thanks again

    1. Hi Carole,

      It’s a great way to start the day: feeling grateful for the wonderful opportunity that is a new day.

      I hope you have a great full day today 😉

  5. Thank you John! It is a wonderful reminder to be grateful for every thing in our lives – really, everything becomes a miracle. How does it get even better?

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Amazing isn’t it, the more you feel grateful the more amazing life becomes. The positive emotions are so much better for people and the planet as a whole.

  6. John, as always, your comments are a huge wake up call. Many of us keep complaining about our lives, while we live in a decent house, with heating, clothes to wear, food on the table, and as you said, running water, electricity. We get into our car, then complain about petrol prices…..traffic……we really need to wake up and smell the roses.Thanks mate.

    1. Thanks Roger,

      It’s a function of the brain, patterning and making things familiar and very useful to, but sometimes we do need to ‘look again’ and see what we do have…

      A liquid that powers our cars and give us freedom… and it’s cheaper than wine or beer. I am grateful for the refiners, engineers, truck drivers and countless other people so that I can buy fuel and drive anywhere.

      makes it so much easier to be grateful for the amazing successes in life too 🙂

  7. Thank you John! There is such a great power in gratitude…I feel too that we should be grateful for everything we have, in order to be able to change our lives for the better!!…

    1. Hi Irain,

      Being Grateful for what we do have is a great place to start from if we want to change things about our lives for the better.

      Gratitude is a very powerful emotion and other people can be moved greatly by our gratitude to them. Thank you 🙂

  8. Good – we all know about gratitude. However we tend to focus on the things we do not have instead of the simple things we take for granted. Because what we do not have seems to be more important that what we have

    1. Hi Sheila,

      Yes, people do tend to focus on what they don’t have… and they end up finding it.

      Being happy and grateful for what you do have puts people in a better state of mind and body 🙂

  9. John,

    Thank you for the reminder. Although I always put “Thank you” above my signature when I write a check, I realize that lately I have been doing it out of habit instead of gratitude.

    As often happens, your timing is perfect.

    Don’t forget to make it a glorious day.

    1. Hi Valerie,

      I love that. Putting ‘Thank you’ above your signature, every bill paid is a positive affirmation of your wealth.

      Great idea, thanks for sharing.

      Making it a glorious day 🙂

  10. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to understand about all the
    things we take for granted every day? I will make sure I start every day
    with something to be grateful for!!!
    Thank You again!!
    All my best,
    Bill Morrissey

    1. Hi Bill

      That’s a great way to start the day, full of feelings of gratitude. It sets you up for a wonderful day. Because we create our day, we choose to react to the situations we encounter and coming from a place of gratitude is a great place to come from and create our day 🙂

  11. The thing with gratitude is the peace it brings to life. It is apoweful feeling and you are terribly right when you talk about forgetting of being greatful for the routine acts of those around us. It´s a good call of awakening for us. Sometimes we get used to see emails like yours which keep us in touch with our higher self and we forget to say thnks.
    By the way, thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Morillo,

      Gratitude does indeed bring peace to life. It also brings happiness to the lives of the people that we express our gratitude towards. Thank you for your comment, I am grateful and touched by the amount of emails and comments on this blog post. 🙂

  12. Hey i just wanted to say thanks for the free Mp3!
    I am trying to teach my 3yr old son gratitude because he seems to endlessly want want want. In a world full of materialistic desires I worry about him not finding happiness in the things he has as a person. Is it safe to use hypnosis on children? Also i studied hypnotherapy in school and have used a form of it with him by saying yes you like to follow directions yes you do want to brush your teeth etc.. it works really well . What would this form of suggestion be called ? Or am i mistaken about it being a form of hypnosis? lol sorry Im just struggling with his behavior and feel that hypnosis could be a solution.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I am glad you liked the Mp3 🙂

      Yes you can use hypnosis with children. A lot of the reason children want, want, want is because the advertising agents have done a good job hypnotizing them into wanting their goods.

      When my little boy was a baby I used to rock him to sleep, as most parents do. However I would rock him backwards and forwards in my arms at the same rate that he was breathing and relax myself. Then after a few minutes I would start slowing the rocking down and his breathing would slow down, he would become calmer and drift to sleep. This is pacing and leading, I would pace his breathing with the speed I was rocking him and then lead him to slow down his breathing and drift to sleep.

      “Do you want to brush your teeth before or after you get ready for bed” this is a presupposition that they will be cleaning their teeth; it’s just a question of if that is going to happen before of after getting ready for bed. Presuppositions, embedded commands, double binds in fact all the linguistics tools of the hypnotist are used in everyday speech.

      Then there is voice tone, a bed time story can be read in a very relaxing hypnotic, sleepy tone or can in fact be a made up story, a metaphor that you can relax and have happy dreams… they were the ones I made up and told my son.

      All communication is hypnosis.

      I hope this helped, have a great day.


  13. I am grateful n that life is bringing me my answers. I worked for someone for seven months with promises of a great business opportunity and then had the man steal my car and not pay me my wages. I am grateful that man taught me how never to be, how not to treat people. I am grateful for my integrity in my dealings with others. I am garteful that my heart desires to help many others have better lives. I am grateful John Vincent reached out and has added value to my life. I am grateful God is a forgiving God and that I continue to grow and be blessed. In all the challenge that has happened Grateful…I AM. Thank you Mr. Vincent for the opportunity to share.

    1. Hi Kenneth,

      It’s awesome that your life is brining you all the answers and that you feel blessed and continue to grow with all the challenges.

      Your gratitude is inspiring.

      Thank you,

    1. Hi Margaret,

      Thank you for your comment and compliment about my voice 🙂
      I’m grateful you enjoyed it.

      Thanks John

  14. Oh! John John John
    Is it that incredible voice of yours that draws me into that ‘place’ that I never want to leave?
    Is it your choices of generosity that make my days feel brighter?
    Perhaps there is something grander in the macrocosm that drifts into my world for the sheer joy of it and those blessings originate from you.
    I thank you John.
    I am grateful for you and all that you do.
    In light and love

    1. Wow, thanks Kazine.

      Your poetic comment is simply wonderful and anything I write back couldn’t do justice to your generous comment.

      I am truly grateful. 🙂

      Thank you


  15. Life is an opprtunity. A mirror of our soul, our beliefs and our willingness. Exceptions? No, we have purpose each of us. Why? That’s why you are here, to unravel the mystery the mystery of you. At times I had hoped a star would fall out of the sky or I would receive that inspiration from a magical. mystical source. It can be, when we are tuned in and there is 0 resistance to what is showing up. It takes awhile sometimes, it just is purely persistence and then more persistance and once you have done and given all you have then, you may need to persist somemore. I can use thechelp and support of friends and colleagues I must be the believer for my life to be reality. The more the better and a coach we trust and have faith they are their for us. The best and easiest person to coach is a coachable one. We can always get better and be better and often times an external point of view is needed. Certainly anticipating a much better time ahead. Growth is required. If I CAN’T then I MUST and if I MUST I CAN. Thank you John for the inspiration.

  16. In my childhood I knew what it was like to live without indoor plumbing, television, and all the modern conveniences we have today. The world has come a long ways. As I listened to your recording, I got a new respect for being grateful for what I have. Thanks John, and also for all your work on Wallace Wattles, The Science Of Getting Rich.

    1. Thanks Horace.

      Indoor plumbing, hot water on tap, lighting, music… for over 2000 years if you wanted a hot bath, with music, candles, incense, roses petals in the bath tub etc you had to be very rich, one of the elite, you needed to have handmaidens tending to your elaborate bathing, musicians playing… Today, mood lighting, music and of course hot water on tap are basics that everyone has and its way to easy to forget to be grateful for these…

      Gratitude is so powerful, being grateful everyday, for all the things in life that are good focuses your mind on whats good and what’s great, and as we all know: “you get more of what you focus on.”

  17. John,
    I’m immensely grateful for you and your work. Prior to the purchase of your SOGR Hypnosis Program. I had began listening to the audio book from a different provider. I began a “Gratitude Journal” and to this very day I continue to add entries, I have developed an “Attitude of Gratitude.”
    Thank you, for all you do and are currently doing.

    1. Hey Ivory, thank you:)
      I love gratitude journals, such a amazing way to activate the power of gratitude. And wonderful to look back over and remember all the wonderful things that you were enjoying and grateful for, giving you the opportunity to feel grateful for them again.

  18. Hi John,

    Great post! Yes, gratitude opens all doors. Everything in life is a gift, even when you hit that switch and the lights don’t go on. A day never passes when I am not grateful for a myriad of things. I thank my four-legged family for sharing their journey with me, I thank the plants in my garden for offering me their magnificence and protection….I thank the angels for their perpetual gifts. The list is endless. .

    Yes, gratitude, appreciation, and love. As I was walked down the street, with each step, I said, “I love you,” to the Earth, deliberately channeling love with each movement.

    1. Julia, wonderful point.

      Even if the lights don’t come on, they did yesterday and will again soon 🙂 everything, you are right is a gift and there are so many things to be grateful for…

      Speaking of the plant in the garden, every day I pick mint leaves to go in a green smoothie and I say, thank you I love you to the plant and feel the gratitude 🙂

      Thanks for your comments.

  19. I am truly grateful. I practice Gratitude every day. I start with a list of ten things that I am truly grateful for. I practice Gratitude to people and what I am grateful to them for. I also practice gratitude for my body and mind, and all that I am surrounded by. I am truly Grateful. Most are NOT material things or possessions. It’s people , the planet and the little things most people take for granted.
    So, to answer your question. YES, I AM GRATEFUL.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

    1. Hi Lynn,

      Wonderful. Its such an amazing way to start the day thinking about the things that you are grateful for… keeping a gratitude journal also makes for such a wonderful read later on.

  20. This is the most impressive work on gratitude I have ever listened to.You have made my day, John. My profound thanks!

  21. the people, the planet, and the universe needs some payback in sincere gratitude for all this that comes into each life. this is the way we repay and it comes back of course ten fold or more. every thing is interconnected it feeds off all emotions or feelings lets shine the light to the extreme and let this gratitude absorb in our heart and soul to share with others and mother earth. thanks for your message, many blessings jr hughes

  22. Hi John,
    It is correct that gratitude is THE most important act of our daily routine, and the more we show our gratitude for the simple things in life as for the more complex, we start seeing bit by bit all the work behind all that. I smile and show my gratitude every day just for the simple fact of turning my key in the door lock and think a little bit about the people behind this beautiful work of a simple lock. But also when i observe my kids, beautiful creation started with just an idea, and 2 little components, and this wonderful creation continue growing every day. Life is a wonder and I’m grateful being part of this journey.
    Kind regards and excellent weekend.

    1. Hi Giovanni,
      Thanks for the wonderful comment. Gratitude is something that makes life for everyone a better place… thanks, wonderful examples of gratitude of the taken for granted 🙂

  23. Hi John,

    great video, I never thought of gratitude this way, a very easy way to bring gratitude into my life more often, I tend to forget it easily during the day!.

  24. Thanks for this wonderful reminder to be grateful. So simple – and so easy to overlook. I will endeavor to focus on the everyday as well as the new and interesting things, when I think of all that I’m grateful for.

  25. Hi John,

    In fact, there is always something to be grateful for. And as we keep reminding ourselves, the emotion of gratitude only increases…
    We just have to keep the eye sees the good in every situation.

    Thanks much!

  26. I loved your gratitude audio.For me the best time to be grateful for all I have,is the moment that I wake up,before you do anything else to start a new day.
    May ,Love Light and Lots of Laughter
    Be with You

  27. Wow what can I say after all those comments other than I love your work and be oh so grateful for the simple things. Thank you for the reminder.

  28. A while back I came across with the same information and tried implementing it into my life. I didn’t practice it for very long though. To be honest I just got bored with the whole thing. I even made a list of things to be grateful for and tried reading it out loud whenever I felt down. But even after this simple exercise the same negative feelings would start rushing in. I never really knew why…until now. You see, even though I made a list of things to be grateful for, I never actually tried to invest real emotions in them. I just read them…that’s it. That was my problem. It’s not supposed to be a routine…You couldn’t not just say “Oh!! I forgot to be grateful today…So I’ve to do it as soon as I get home!” You have to find the feeling place it. Or else, it would just be a waste of your time.

    1. Hi Soliyana,

      Gratitude is all about the feelings, its an emotion. Sure you have images in your minds eye that you are grateful for, but its the feelings that make gratitude. When you think about something you are grateful for, the feeling of gratitude is there… and you can enjoy that feeling, indulge in that feeling and increase and extend the feelings of gratitude. Deliberately extending the duration and intensity of the feelings of gratitude means you have more, deeper and longer feelings of gratitude in your life…

      And that’s a great thing right, as well as being something that opens you to to receiving more 🙂

  29. Hi John,

    I am grateful for the free recordings you gave me, specifically the SOGR and the Abundance Power Nap one.

    Do you have one regarding weight loss by any chance? I would love to be grateful for the weight I’ve lost.

    Thanks again. I am grateful for you.

  30. Hi Treva,

    Awesome, I’m glad you are enjoying those 🙂

    I don’t have a weight loss hypnosis session, although its something that a lot of people have been asking about recently, so I might do one soon…

    Thanks, John

  31. John, I wanted to thank you for the gratitude segment. Whenever I start to feel the negative thoughts starting, I immediately start to think of things I am grateful for and my day is much better. I also wanted to say how much I enjoy listening to your voice and am grateful for being able to embark on my personal journey to self improvement. Thank you for the guidance. Harla

    1. Perfect. The more you replace negative thoughts with gratitude and other positive thoughts the more you train your brain to have more positive thoughts and more wonderful feelings. Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  32. Thanks so much John. I am normally a very positive person. Unfortunately, this can lead to taking things for granted without showing gratitude. You have alerted me to the fact that life is a precious gift with all the positives that it brings. It is time for me to acknowledge that I do have so much to be grateful for.
    My thanks to you and the team. I am grateful for your guidance in taking me to a better place.

    1. Hi Ken,
      You’re right: “life is a precious gift” and because its always there when we wake up, its easy to forget that. Sometimes its all the little things that make life so wonderful and its great to celebrate those.
      Being grateful at the start of the day is a wonderful way to start the day… that’s why I created my morning gratitude booster: 🙂


  33. Благодаря за всичко,Джон!Имам езикова бариера,но гласът ти ми въздейства невероятно!Зная,че на ниво подсъзнание ,всичко се закодира и препрограмира!Благодаря за помощта ти и изпитвам огромно доверие в теб и Вселената!Още веднъж-БЛАГО-ДАРЯ!!!!!1

    1. Hi Galiya , благодаря ви за вашия коментар . Радвам се, че ви хареса този запис и се надявам , че вие се възползвате от други мои работи дори и с езиковата бариера . Надявам се, че можете да разберете отговора ми , благодаря ви отново John

  34. John

    I’m grateful to you for taking the time to share this wonderful reminder of the abundance we experience everyday. Gratitude allows us to live our lives more peacefully and less selfishly.

    When I was a child I read the Waterbabies by Charles Kingsley, I’m not sure if you know the book, but there is a character in it called “Mrs Do As You Would Be Done By”. That is the mantra I try and live by, so the thoughts you share really resonate with my own values and beliefs.

    Thank you:)

    And Happy Halloween…


    1. Thank you Edith,

      Gratitude is such a wonderful emotion and makes everything better.

      I haven’t read the Waterbabies, but I love the name of “Mrs Do As You Would Be Done By”, that’s the Golden Rule in action. And when you treat others the way you want to be treated it makes you feel good and you get treated well, and that again is something to be grateful for.

      Thank you 🙂


  35. Hi John, Thank you for the reminder of the things that we take for granted when we should be grateful for. I have been writting in my Gratitude Journal for about 3 months now as well as going for a walk every monring and feeling grateful for Nature, for the birds chirping, for the sun shinning bright. Every monring I wake up and look in the mirror and say “Thank you Universe, for allowing me to be here another day”, I take a deep breath and smile. This not only starts my day off with a grateful positive attitude, but also allows me to set the mood for the day. Thank you John for reminding me of how grateful I am to live in a wonderful world full of natures wonders. Cheers Joan

    1. Awesome. The amazing wonder of this world is something to be constantly grateful for…
      I love Gratitude Journals they are such a fantastic way to boost your gratitude and so great to read back on years later 🙂

  36. That was a timely reminder to not take things for granted. Every time we have a power cut during the storm season in our neck of the woods in Australia, I am reminded of just how dependant we are on electricity for just about everything. And of course the feeling of joy and relief when the power is restored hours later, sometimes days, is positively overwhelming. Thanks, John, for giving us this needed prod!

  37. Hi John I thank you for your efforts you have been doing to help me and what I see is that it feels like my brain is having a drain because your methods are good in such a way that I should have seen a big deference in all the emails you been sending but I still feel like I am dead because my brain or I am too naïve but thanks for everything sadness
    Yours George

  38. Its really Funny how the human being consciousness works in mystery ways, how we never manage to see the complete picture from above , because sometimes when we do ,many of the previous life situations and the past circumferences which we hated and was ungrateful for turns down to be the best thing that happened to us and cultivate our Soul and self growth and ends up boosting our Self growth, Inner peace and making us much much stronger, and only then we realize it.
    I Totally agree with you Sir, being Grateful for the small details in our daily live will tends to bring more of what we want and less of what we don’t want.

  39. Thank you for sharing…) and YES…I`m very grateful for all the Love I can give-
    all the love I receive everyday from people- nature. There are seeds of LOVE everywhere.

    Sending lots of love and Joy.

  40. I am really overjoyed and immensely grateful for you! I respond so well to your hypnotic voice, and am so aware of the transformation going on in my subconscious. Thank you so much for loving so deeply, and blessing the planet with your gifts! And thank you for the reminder of GRATITUDE every moment. 🙂

  41. Gratitude allows us to live our lives more peacefully, less selfishly and not having an entitlement attitude and remind us of the things we take for granted everyday.

  42. I am truly grateful for all that I have and I try never to miss a moment here and there throughout the day to give Thanks for the little things in life, all the little miracles that makes life worthwhile. I connect with the Universe nightly and it always answers me with a sign. Our Creator thought of everything and I am so thankful for all that is, for being here to experience everything. It is quite amazing.

  43. Hi John,
    I am really grateful to all your wonderful work and gifts you and Niraj share with us. Keep on fantastic work. You rock!:)

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