Image Streaming


Image Streaming is a great technique created by Dr Win Wenger….

It has been shown to increase your IQ and the good news is, it’s really easy to do…

So let’s get to it…


How to do the Image Streaming Process

Close your eyes and describe what you see

If at first you only ‘see’ the back of your closed eyelids, go with it and describe that

“Dark red . . .  swirling morphing shapes . . . lighter yellow spots . .  . “ and so on.

At some point you are going to ‘think’ of something, a boat, your kitchen, the dry cleaning, who knows… and you will see a flash of that imagery in your mind.

Describe it.

The more you start imaging things, the more you will ‘see’.

Maybe at first you will only ‘see’ the colours behind your closed eyelids….

The first time you try something doesn’t always mean you will do it perfectly. But you might have ‘beginners luck’ and really surprise yourself.

WARNING: Do this out loud, otherwise you might find yourself drifting to sleep…


Learning to Increase Your Ability to Visualize is Such an Important Thing

It all starts in the mind!

Being slimmer. Wealthier. Happier. Getting that dream job, or relationship. Creating a product or service.

It all starts in the mind.

You need to see it in your mind, feel good about it and go do it.

If you want to develop yourself and have more one of the best places to start is with your ability to visualize.


Activate and Embed the 5 Key Techniques to Visualization into Your Life Today

Do you struggle when asked to “Picture something in detail” because you have difficulty ‘seeing’ images in your minds eye?

To help you I have created more ‘conscious mind’ techniques and hacks to increase and improve your visualization skills and give you more control.

You will find links to all of these FREE resources at the bottom of this page.

But I know you want to get going in the quickest time possible and start seeing results right away.

  • Deepen your connection with meditation and hypnosis by learning the powerful techniques to visualizing quickly and effectively
  • Sky rocket your success with personal development tools such as hypnosis, meditation, visualization and NLP by being a master at picturing what you want and seeing it in detail
  • Increase your memory and sharpen your visual recall for greater success and understanding in all areas of your life

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