Inspired by The Science of Getting Rich Part 5

Inspired by The Science of Getting Rich Pt5

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Chapter Five: Your Increasing Life

The desirer of life is to grow. The mighty oak tree starts as an acorn. The giant redwood starts as a seed from a cone less than half a centimetre long and may grow to well over 200 feet tall. Every living thing starts small and grows. This is the natural desirer of living things and humans desirer to grow mentally and spiritually also.

There is nothing in nature that wants humans to be kept in poverty, or just making do. The desirer of life is the desirer to grow and to grow mentality and physically we need to use and enjoy things. The desirer for riches is simply the capacity for larger life seeking fulfilment through you.

The desirer in you for more money is as natural as the desirer for the flower to bloom. It’s true that money can be acquired by force or through competitive means, but the most harmonious way to acquire money is through creativity, to add and create value. When you create and add value to peoples lives they will happily reward you for it.

You must rid yourself of any traces of the old belief that there are people, circumstances or any higher power that wants you to be anything other than rich. It is you who make choices to think in certain ways. The more you are able to control your own mind and run your own thoughts, the more you are able to use your thoughts to build and create the things that you want to, to become rich.

Other people may try and use tactics to try and manipulate your thoughts, but with more control of your thinking and understanding you are able to resist other peoples negative influences and accept the positive suggestions that can and do help you.

Being able to think deliberately to the levels that human beings can sets us apart from the other life forms on this planet. The ability to think is the ability to create and you can create things as a result of first thinking of them.  Start by first impressing your thoughts into your unconscious mind, that in turn is made of the creative energy that all things are made from. It is this energy that makes the subatomic particles and the atoms, it makes the molecules and cells of your body and seeks to grow and create.

Life starts small and grows bigger, then it reproduces itself in the plant world, the animal kingdom and for humans. We start small and grow, then reproduce, your life has a purpose that can be created or discovered by yourself. To allow others to shape your life in a way that you dislike is bad for your mind, body and soul. Thinking that there are powers, institutions or people that want you to be kept poor, is poor thinking. Know that you have the power within you to become whatever you want. Know that life, be it a seed planted in the ground, will grow to maturity and reproduce just as the seed of an idea planted will bloom and give rise to new thoughts. These thoughts grow all the time so be sure to feed them with positive food.

The information and thoughts that you allow into your mind, through your eyes and ears, is something that you want to only be from positive stimulation, with regard to your health, wealth and happiness.

The thoughts that you have that lead to new thoughts when focused on the task of becoming rich, mean that you have the ability to buy more things, acquire more things, do more and have more experiences. Because it’s true you need things to live, the having of more things enables you to live more experiences and have more possessions. Having more is living more. And for living more it is necessary to become rich.

So the desirer of riches is simply the desirer to do what life does, to grow and learn. Your desirer to want more and grow is the same as the desirer of all life forms. To want more and grow money is important and so you becoming richer is important.

All life is energy. Vibrating at a higher level than inorganic objects, life forms are the energy that the universe is made from growing and exploring itself. All life seeks to grow and this energy is you, and is within you. This energy wants to live and grow more and wants you to live and grow more. It is the desirer of the very energy of the universe for you to have more, and to have more you need to be become richer. The universe desires you to have everything that you want to have because nature is friendly to your plans. The universe desires you to have everything that you want to have. This system seeks to bring about change in you that leads to positive experiences for all.

For you to become rich it is important to have balance and harmony. It is important for you to become rich in physical experience, as well as mentally and intellectually rich and also rich in your soul development. It is important to tend to the needs of your soul and your ways of thinking that create your physical experience.

All of your actions in the material physical reality help to create things in the world. What are you helping to create? What would you rather be creating? The clearer you make your thoughts of what you want to create, and have, and do, and be, the more you have a plan to work toward. Think about your plan now and in the future, focusing in on details as well as the big picture, making it bigger and brighter the more that you think about it and see how you want every aspect of your future to be. The more you create a very easy step by step plan to follow, as long as you do the step of creating the step by step pattern, the easier it is to get to where you want to be. It is important to both visualise the places you want to be in your physical experience and your thinking so that you get there by following your simple step by step plan.

Desirer to become rich so that you may eat, drink and be merry when the time is right, stimulate your thoughts, soul development, surround yourself with things of beauty and things that you can use in a way to benefit you and those around you. Plan to see different lands because travel broadens and expands your mind and the more you expand your ways of thinking and seeing the world, the more able you are to create newer and newer thoughts about the things that you want to have more of, to have a life full of more love, more wonder, more pleasure, more intellectual stimulation, more giving and helping others, more beautiful and wonderful experiences for you and those around you on planet earth.

Extremes of the body, mind or soul that cause lack in any of the others are bad. Harmonious growth of mind, body and soul are desirable.

There is nothing in nature that wants you to be anything other than rich. Really rich, because when you do become rich it enables you to have more of what life has to offer and to give others the opportunity to have more. Helping and giving to others is good and a part of life and is best done from a place of abundance. You can’t help the poor by being one of them. Make the most of yourself, for yourself and for others because you can help others more by making the most of yourself and making the most of yourself requires you to become rich and so becoming rich is the most noble and right thing you can do for yourself and the rest of planet Earth. The bigger you grow the more you can benefit others and enjoy planet earth.

To compete for your place is the old and backward way of scarcity and lack mentality. Taking from others is poor thinking and will ultimately take from you. Rich thinking is creating for you and for others.

Cheating, penny pinching, driving sharp bargains, coveting others property, envy and greed are bad and ugly emotions. Drive away the ugly emotions and welcome in the wonderful emotions. Become the creator and the creator of riches and add value. You want to become rich and have other peoples lives become enriched because of you and your creations. This is the most harmonious way with nature and everything that is the universe. This is the desirer of the universe, to grow and create more wonder and as you are part of the universe and made of the universe and the universal energy that makes the universe, it is the natural desire for you. Become more.

Creating riches by going with the flow of riches is the best and most obvious way to become rich. There is an abundance of money for you, by making and creating value you can bring riches to you. All the money that exists, exists because it was created. Once there was none and now there is money all over the world.

A barren inhospitable place, billions of years ago, planet earth had no trees, or plants, animals, cars or computers. Once, there was nothing but star dust cooling and coalescing, our planet came into being and all the things and ideas that exist on it and because of it, are and were created from the same formless substance that all matter is created from. You, and everything around you, are the universe and you help create the universe and what you want in your part of it.

Rid your mind of poor thinking, rid your mind of lack, rid your mind and thoughts of missing out. Fill your mind with the certain knowledge that there is enough for you to have what you want. There is enough supply of the fundamental building blocks of nature for you to have everything that you desirer. Think about creating what you desirer and remember there is an energy that creates all matter and that it creates because it is alive, and in it’s original state it penetrates, permeates and fills the spaces of the universe because it is the universe and the thoughts that you have are impressions in this energy, they themselves are creations in this energy and by forming things in your thoughts you are forming things in the energy that all the universe is. Think with abundance and a view to creating and having more.

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