Inspired by The Science of Getting Rich Part 4

Inspired by The Science of Getting Rich Pt4

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Chapter Four: This is the First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich

The things that are created by mankind are first created in thought. A powered vehicle, mobile phone or chair, were first ideas in the minds of mankind. Those ideas were held fixed by the people who had them and they worked towards the creation of them into reality.

Many of the finest minds in history were laughed at by their peers for their beliefs about what they could create. Powered flight was once thought impossible but in December 1903 the Wright brothers made the first heavier than air powered flight and the airplane was born. Now we have supersonic jets and rockets that are capable of leaving planet Earth.

So it is that a product or service must first be imagined before it can be created and every product is made from the same fundamental building blocks, atoms. There are just over 100 atoms and these can be assembled into different compounds and molecules creating an infinite array of things. All the organic and inorganic objects and life forms on planet Earth are made from this small collection of just over 100 atoms. These atoms are made from an even smaller number of subatomic particles and these particles are made from waves of energy.

Every living thing, every inorganic object including the creations of mankind and indeed even the thoughts of humans are made from this one energy. The whole Universe is made from one single source of energy in a myriad of different forms. Our thoughts, made from this energy, can create images of things that don’t exist and form them into reality. The Sun and the suntan lotion and the sunny days you enjoy are part of the physical reality all around us. The plants, animals and people are all made from cells, everything from the smallest single celled creature to the largest life forms on the planet, as well as the inorganic objects, are made from atoms. These are the building blocks that make the world around us, just over 100 different building blocks that can be arrange into different structures, compounds and molecules to make everything in the world.

It’s worth repeating that this small number of atoms that make everything are in turn made from an even smaller number of subatomic particles that combine to create the atoms. These subatomic particles are in turn made from energy and it is this energy that all things are made from, this one substance that exists everywhere even in the spaces between space, that combines to creates particles, atoms, molecules, compounds, life and everything. All made from this energy and there is energy enough to make more, more of everything that already exists millions of times over. There is an abundant supply of this raw substance to create reality from.

This reality creating substance created reality and using your being to work with the flow of reality you can construct you own Universe, your own reality and one where you are rich and happy.

This energy that all things are made of is one energy and it is a creative energy that is creating these thoughts. The more you impress in your mind the thoughts of things you want to have, do, be, see and create the more you set your mind looking for what you want to have. The more you impress your thoughts deeper into your mind and your subconscious mind, the deeper you impress your thoughts into the same energy that all matter is made from and this has an effect, a simple but very powerful effect to help you get you what you want.

Thoughts are made of this same energy, so the more you impress into your mind the more you impress into the very substance that the Universe is created from and it is of course this energy that is shaped into reality.

We are all aware of the loathsome consequence of the person who thinks about drinking alcohol first thing in the morning. Where those thoughts lead to is a bad experience and a bad place. Instead we desire a much more harmonious design for our lives and the lives of the people around us and so we must have very different thoughts than the alcoholic.

We must have a desire to want to wish for it and to be grateful for transformation. To love it and to ‘want to want it’. There must be no ‘need it’, no ‘must have it’ and definitely no ‘it should be mine’ these kinds of negative attitudes are harmful. We desire it and can have it. We can create in the formless substance our desires and wants, our wishes and they can become real because we set about attaining the things we think about on so many levels.

Your thoughts are the drivers of your subconscious mind. Your thinking faculties impress deeply inside of you and the energy that is you, your intentions and your desires so as to connect them to the rest of the Universe at the level of energy, the one formless substance.

The  thoughts we have can be shaped, you can start now to think about something you want to have and you can think about that in greater and greater detail and the more you do and the more often you do, the bigger the thought becomes. More space is taken up in your brain by the thought as new neural pathways are created and thickened by thinking the same thoughts over and over again. As you continue thinking about what you do want, this desirer becomes bigger. Some of these things are almost instant; the thought of a smile can produce the instant effect of a smile and produce happy chemicals in the brain. Serotonin and endorphins are released and make you feel different. While some of these thoughts take a while longer to become things, like a new business and riches, these take longer than the instant good feeling of a smile.

Having a good feeling when creating the vision of what you want is a better way to have the thought than not feeling happy. It’s obvious really, that a good feeling and a good state of mind and body are going to be the best states of mind and body to create the thoughts that you want to become reality.

We truly live in a thought Universe. The things that you can conceive you can achieve. Everything in the Universe is the Universe, you are not in the universe you are part of the Universe and you are creating things that become your reality. The definition of the word ‘thought’ take’s on a whole new meaning when you open your mind to the idea that we live in a thought Universe.

Everything that is, ever was and ever will be is a set of waves of energy that form reality. And it is with a communication of your thoughts to the formless, creative substance that the Universe is created. That is the first principal of the Science of Getting Rich.

There is one energy that the subatomic world is created from, this in turn creates the atomic structures in our world, the elements that create the compounds and every inorganic thing in the Universe and every cell in every living plant, animal, bird, fish, insect, reptile, mammal, indeed every life form and being on planet Earth.

All these seemingly different objects and life forms are but different presentations of the same energy in different forms and thoughts held in this energy become things. This energy creates all shapes and forms.

There is an energy that is creative, that all things are made from and which permeates and penetrates and fills the spaces between the spaces of all the Universe as well as being all the Universe. The things that are the Universe are shapes held together by thought energy, creating particles, atoms, cells and all things. You can create thoughts and you are the energy that is created by thoughts and you can impress upon the formless energy your thoughts and cause these things to become reality.

Becoming rich is a process of doing things in a certain way and in order to do things in a certain way you need to think in a certain way. This is the first step of the Science of Getting Rich. The things you have done so far in life have got you to where you are. It’s time now to suspend old beliefs and implement some new strategies. While learning and using this system these new beliefs are to be tested by you. Holding thoughts of riches and what you do want while curtailing the poor thoughts is important. It is important to master your mind, run your own brain, be in control of your thinking and create rich thoughts. Healthy and happy thoughts produces a richer, healthier, happier you. The more that you welcome in this way of thinking the more you feel good and feeling good is good for you and for those around you too.

Scientists, quantum physicists, the scholars of old, the cultures of thousands of years ago all support the growing numbers of people who know that there is an energy that is creative, that all things are made from and which permeates and penetrates and fills the spaces between the spaces of all the Universe (as well as being all the Universe), work with this process daily.

You are the energy and you can impress upon the energy your thoughts and cause the things you think about to become a reality.

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