Inspired by The Science of Getting Rich Part 6

Inspired by The Science of Getting Rich Pt6

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Chapter Six: How Your Riches Come to You

Becoming rich is about the exchange of value, creating value then exchanging that value for money. Remember money is only a translator of experience. There are, I’m sure, plenty of authors, speakers, film directors, musicians, painters, manufactures of other goods and services too numerous to name that you are happy to exchange your money for. The ticket for a show or film, the book, music or video that you want to buy and are happy to exchange your money for is an exchange that you are happy to make and one that makes the creators and distributors money.

The obvious reality is that spending $10 to create a product and then selling it for $9 will lose you money (unless of course it is meant as a lost leader to encourage people to buy other products or services). Creating a product for $10 only to sell it for $10 is also going to result in you losing money over time. The reality is that creating a product for $10 that is sold for $20, $30, $40, $100 or more is the way to make money and to do this the perceived value has to be, for example, $100 but the manufacturing costs, for example, $10. The profit margin varies in different markets and different aspects of each market but the idea is to deliver value that is more than the actual manufacturing costs.

You are to create an offer that makes more money than it costs to make and supply. When you buy ‘three for the price of two’ you believe you are getting great value, and you are. The retail outlets, suppliers and creators of the product are still making a profit but are delivering more value to you.

As we have seen the first step is to become crystal clear on what you want to offer, to maintain that image in your mind and work towards it.

Give to people more than you take from them in value. You are to enrich the lives of those who buy your products or services. This is done by supplying a product or service of good quality, something that people really want, desirer and are happy to buy. When you do this you enrich the quality of experience for the people who buy from you, they are happy and you are happy and wealthier because of it.

There are products or services that give you the opportunity to make money, when you invest in a product or service that helps you to make more money than it cost to buy you are happy with the return on your initial investment and you are likely to buy again. When we give products to people that they like they will thank you for it and come back for more.

Adding more value to the people on planet earth is the path to real wealth, enriching other peoples lives and your own. Whether that is by creating a soft drink or a revolutionary life saving medical procedure, whatever the service or product you provide, when you give people something that they are happy and grateful to have, then they will buy from you again, just as you continue to buy the same brand of products from the supermarket each week because you like them and enjoy them and are happy to pay for them. So it is possible to give people products and services that add to and enrich their life, that cost less to make than they sell for and yet have a use value way above what they paid for it.

This is something that is achieved by people from very different walks of life. People just like you become rich by providing real value to others, you can become rich and stay rich by creating and contributing real value to the people of planet Earth.

There is an infinite amount of products and services that can be created and it is possible to become successful in any of these areas of business. To create rather than compete is to add real value to peoples lives and you can become rich because of it.

You can contribute to the world in a way unique to anyone else in the world. The more you start focusing on creating riches and wealth for yourself the more opportunities will come your way and you will notice more opportunities and become richer. The more you focus your thoughts on the situations, experiences and physical items you want to have and create, the more they will form a part of your life.

The more you impress your thoughts deeper into your unconscious mind the more you impress them into the very fabric of all reality. It is important to focus your thoughts on the feeling of having already achieved it, already having seen it and already having it. When you speak of it in this way it will make you see it in your minds eye, where you already have riches and wealth in your life. With riches come freedom from physical toil and freedom of thought, having abundance, giving and receiving, wealth and health. The more you have your thoughts focused on having and giving, the more you become more than you were before. Know that it is already there for you.

Having success is giving goods or services and the more you give the more you receive. The more products and services that you give to people to enrich their lives the more you receive in payments. And the happier you make the people who buy from you, the more they will buy from you.

Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to give a very refined high-performance luxury automobile and people paid him handsomely for them. Richard Branson is giving the experience of a trip into space to people and they are paying handsomely for it.

This is not even close to the limits of human creation and ability. It is not even close to the experiences and products you can give to people in exchange for money. The more products and services you give in exchange for money the more wealthy you become. Think big, create big, give big. Give big, fantastic, amazing services and products to people and they will reward you with money and riches beyond your wildest dreams. Life itself wants you to have more and to give more to others, then you can give more to others without reward when you are rich. You cannot help the poor by being one of them. Become rich and wealthy and give good products and services that enrich the lives of others.

This is what life, the universe and all the energy in it wants for you, to grow and become more and give more.

All that there is of possibility is seeking expression through mankind. All that you want and need is what life wants for you. You can become richer and wealthier because of your thoughts. Your thoughts make you the way you are and the way you act and behave. When think in ways that are harmonious with the science of getting rich, you will get rich.

The desire you have for riches is the energy of the Universe wanting you to become rich. Becoming rich is best achieved by creating and giving goods or services in exchange for money, then the more you desirer and the more you create, the more that you can give in exchange for money.

Some people are stuck in a poor way of thinking and the more that you change poor thinking for rich thinking the more you can become rich.

Becoming rich is dependant on knowing what you want and holding an image in your mind, spinning those feelings through your body, saying to yourself in excited tones everyday what you want because it’s all you can think of, because it’s so amazing to have, do, be and see. It’s so wonderful to be able to do and create the things of your visions, your feelings and of your thoughts. Fill your mind with what you want in picture form, as feelings and as vocal thoughts in your mind so much that it dominates your thoughts.

Fill your mind with these thoughts about having and doing and being and seeing all that you want. Do this in your mind with vocal thoughts, with clear mental images and with strong feelings, determined and excited feelings that let you know you are already rich and you can become richer.


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