Inspired by The Science of Getting Rich Part 7

Inspired by The Science of Getting Rich Pt7

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Chapter Seven: Grateful

Like attracts like. Happy people attract happy people, moaning whining complaining people attract other moaning whining complaining people. Happy people don’t like spending time with whining people. This is obvious. People expressing anger are in a very different state to people laughing and having fun. The tensions in the angry persons body and the thoughts in their head i.e. the images and their internal dialogue are very different to that of a laughing person. The message that these two people are sending out are very different. The person out for all they can get in life also sends out a different message and is in a different state of vibration to the grateful person.

A person out to take all they can from the world is not going to be in harmony with the person who is grateful for receiving and enjoying the life they have and the goals of their vision that they are working towards.

Having an attitude of gratitude changes the way you feel, the message you send to the people of the world and the vibration you are in. Keeping a gratitude journal is a positive habit of success, having certain things that make you feel grateful is a positive habit, these can be a physical reminder that you carry about or a person, time of day or the ritual of being grateful for the food you eat. Gratitude is a helpful and positive habit to encourage. Recognising things that you are grateful for at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day is something that successful people do as a habit of success. I’m sure you can bring to mind several things that you are grateful for today, the people who love you and the experiences you have, this puts you in a grateful state of mind.

A Thought Experiment:
While you focus your mind on the feelings of gratitude you can ask yourself the question, who loves me and who do I love? Then imagine floating out of your body and into the body of the person who loves you and imagine seeing yourself through their eyes. Feel the way they feel about you. Look at yourself from their point of view.  Be grateful for the insight and thankful to them for the experience. And as you float out and back into your more relaxed body you can remember the feelings of gratitude and notice where they are in your body. Imagine what colour the grateful feelings are and allow them to spread all over your body.

Planning right now in your mind to be more and more grateful in the future is something you can easily do, because your future is imagined by you.

How much better could you make the future imaginations of yourself? The goals you want to reach and attain, you do when you apply yourself to the actions and behaviours necessary to create the physical reality of your goals.

Thoughts of a wood carving or thoughts of creating a business are both thoughts that can become real, both need action taken to make them a reality. Both become real but only one lives and grows. The wood carving is finished and serves a decorative purpose and that is its static purpose, while the business grows and continues to add value to people.

The more people whose lives are enhanced by the products and services that you create every year, the more value you add to peoples lives, and in turn the more wealth for you.

A company that continues to grow and add value to the world for hundreds of years is something that people have already achieved. You can achieve the same, different and more than anyone else. There are billionaires, you can be a billionaire and some day someone will have more wealth than currently we have a name for, by creating value. This can be the creation of airplane travel, foods or drinks, holidays, book, films, medical devices, technology and any of the infinite possible goods and service that make peoples lives happier as your way of becoming rich.

You will be rewarded for helping create wonder. Every year your business can grow but a wood carving is finished, the wood carving is a goal achieved, creating a business is a living evolving creation that continues to add value to the world and wealth to you. It’s a continuing journey, it is a direction to travel not a thing to be attained, and it’s a journey to be enjoyed. A Lamborghini, a luxury holiday or the time to enjoy reading a good book, these are goals to have, rewards.

This journey and all the goals within it are created from your thoughts and from the physical reality that is made of the one formless substance that everything is made from, the one energy that all subatomic particles, elements, cells and all life are made of, the more that your thoughts (that are the energy that all the Universe is made from) are focusing on adding value and becoming rich the more you are impressing the very fabric of the Universe with your thoughts and desires and the more the one formless energy moves with regard to your visions that you wish to make a reality.

Be grateful to add value and wealth to the world for you and those that benefit from it.

Being dissatisfied with things and unhappy with them is poor thinking, being happy and grateful for things is rich thinking. Being happy with your experiences and possessions is easy when you experience the things that you want to, when you want to.  Having money allows you to own the possessions you want and gives you opportunities to have experiences that you want. When you are gaining your wealth through activities that are an experience that you enjoy then you are having and being grateful for the experiences that you have that brings you more wealth.
A person with an angry face won’t make friends with a person with smiling happy face. The smiling face comes from the smiling thoughts and these thoughts want more smiling thoughts and faces around them.

To think of lack and not having is poor thinking. Looking for what’s wrong will have you find it and that is poor thinking. STOP THAT. Rich thinking is fixing your mind on the best and you will be drawn towards becoming the best. The things we think are the thoughts that make us. The happy face is the product of a happy though. Being grateful sets the direction of your thoughts to finding more things to be grateful for.

You can be grateful for the things that you haven’t received yet, and this is good and this is rich thinking. Be grateful for the things and experiences that you have and the ones that you will have. Add value to the world so that you can enjoy the things that you do and the experience that you have while having more of what you want and having more each year as your wealth grows.

There is always an equal and opposite reaction to every action, so it is with gratitude, there is an opposite and to dwell in the opposite side of gratitude will keep you from being rich, it is poor thinking.

Your mind is something you should want to wish to be full of gratitude. Because this is rich thinking, and rich thinking is thinking the thoughts that cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you and giving thanks for it. Continuously smiling and being grateful for the things in your past that have got you to this place of advancement and gratitude.

Moaning or becoming upset about things in the world is a waste of your time and a waste of the time that you could be being grateful for things and smiling and being happy.

Think about the things that you want to create and create them, be grateful for knowing that you can create any line of service or product that you wish (subject to the laws of the land) and add real value to people so as to become rich.

Hold clear in your mind the thoughts of the things that you wish to create, become obsessed by thinking and doing in a way that brings about that which you wish for.

Look and feel for the riches in your life already, be grateful and happy that you do have wonderful riches in your life already and you are ready for more.


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