Opportunity & Action Package

Opportunities are everywhere but most people walk right on by without a second glance, others see them but lack the confidence or motivation to take action. So these opportunities just pass by


I have created a specifically targeted package to help you combat this, so you can have your eyes open to opportunities plus make it easy for you to take efficient action and stay motivated through to success.

 ‘Opportunity’ and ‘Action’ are fundamental steps in being successful.

Opportunities are all around you, but they can be easy to miss, even when they are right in front of you! Opportunity is nothing if action isn’t taken!

In The Science of Getting Rich, a whole chapter is dedicated to each of these topics: Chapter 3 – Opportunity and Chapter 12 – Efficient Action. This is for good reason, they are fundamental to success.

Now, combine these two topics with Hypnosis and Binaural Beats to help you recognise good opportunities and take efficient action… and make them your natural habits.

I have created an Opportunity and Action package for you that I know you’re going to love!*

This package includes 3 hypnosis sessions for you. Designed to help you see Opportunities, take Efficient Action and stay Motivated to achieve your goals. Plus my Blueprint for understanding and emulating the Thought Patterns of the Highly Successful.


This Opportunity and Action Package Includes:


  •    The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis: Opportunity (Plus a version with Binaural Beats)
  •    The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis: Efficient Action (Plus a version with Binaural Beats)
  •    Trance Club: Instant Motivation (Plus a version with Binaural Beats)
  •    Plus my Thought Patterns of the Highly Successful Blueprint

“My Guarantee to You”

*Love it or your money back. That’s it!

That’s my full Guarantee! No strings, no hoops to jump through and nothing to send back if you don’t like it.

Love it or your money back.

It’s my hope that you will love what I create for you and will want to use it for months and years to come.

– John Vincent


Now my full Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis Program costs $197 for 17 sessions. In the Opportunity and Action Package you will receive two of these sessions (in two versions), that’s $23 content right away!

This package also includes a session from Trance Club: Instant Motivation session (this is my monthly hypnosis club at $17 a month). Instant Motivation is a session from month two of Trance Club and that month is a double edition, so if we divide that months subscription by two this hypnosis session is worth another $8.50.

But that’s not everything, you also get the Thought Patterns of The Highly Successful blueprint which is currently only available to SOGR Hypnosis Gold Members. What value do we put on that? $27? No. $17? If we say it’s worth just $7.50, then this package is worth…  $39

But I am offering you all this for just $17. This is just for my subscribers, just for you guys.


Only $17

         Instant Access. 100% Money back guarantee..


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