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FREE Your Mind..

Free Your Mind of Unwanted Stress, Anxieties, Worries and Fears With 7 Simple Easy to Follow *Proven* Techniques


Completely FREE!”


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“There is always room for more happiness and less stress and worry in life”

Over the last two decades I have been learning, living and teaching hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), meditation, altered states of consciousness, accelerated learning and a whole host of other related mind studies from shamanism, TFT, lucid dreaming, the law of attraction and much, much more….

What I have discovered I want to share...


How would it feel to be free of your unwanted stress, anxiety, worries and fears? To Know YOU Are In Control!

FREE Your Mind 7 Simple Easy to Follow *Proven* Techniques to Free Your Mind

I’ll show you the Exact Formula that I use with my one-to-one clients to get immense results, freeing them from stress, anxieties, worries and fears… and I’ll also give you some Real Life Case Studies so you can see these transformations in action!

I will talk you through each of these 7 techniques step by step, making them easy to follow and simple to implement into your life right away…

  • Take Your Mind Off Pressing Matters: Often the problems in our lives from relationships, to career, to health are all tied up in our stress
  • Once stress is diluted, a multitude of Problems Will Wash Away
  • Experience Peace and Calm and start living up to Your Full Potential
  • Free up more Energy, be more productive and have more Fun
  • Stop wasting Processing Power on “Worrying” and use it for more Productive and Fulfilling Purposes
  • Put Fear Back in it’s Proper Place: Under Your Control
  • Break the Cycle and Start Having, Doing and Being more than You have ever hoped or dreamed

$97 Your’s Free Today!

FREE When you take a Trial for Personal Transformation Monthly

Take a one month Trial of Personal Transformation Monthly, all I ask in return is just $7 to cover the cost of shipping and handling AND get my Free Your Mind Video Series Completely FREE. PT Monthly is then billed at $39 a month.

I’m absolutely certain you’re going to LOVE the Personal Transformation Monthly, but rest assured there’s absolutely NO OBLIGATION for you to stay a member after the 30-day trial period expires. If you want to cancel, all you’ll have to do is drop us a quick email, and we will cancel your subscription immediately.





Break FREE of the Chains Holding You Back… with Personal Transformations

It’s all about Uncovering YOUR True Self and Supercharging it to become the Person YOU Really Want to Be

  • Overcome the negative beliefs holding you back
  • Stop stagnating and get re-enthused with YOUR life
  • Get passionate and discover who you really are
  • Unlock your hidden skills and supercharge your true potential
  • See instant improvements and build on them month by month
  • Just do it, get motivated and actually do it rather than just dream about it

Each Month You Will Receive… Direct to your door, a double CD focused on a different topic each month to:

#1 The Hypnosis CD: These powerful hypnosis recordings go deep into your subconscious to maximise your hidden potential

#2 The Conscious Mind CD: A collection of techniques tailored specifically to each month’s topic, designed to give YOU control, this is like the owners manual for YOUR brain that you weren’t given at birth!


Month One Trialit’s all about Confidence.

  • Instantly supercharge your confidence with the hypnosis session
  • Use conscious mind techniques to flood your body with confidence at will in any situation, even future situations where confidence has failed you in the past
  • Discover how you can *copycat* other peoples confidence and steal it for your own

John Vincent Confidence & Charisma Hypnosis and NLP



I’m giving you the Free Your Mind Video Series, worth $97 – COMPLETELY FREE as well as 30 days access to my Personal Transformation Monthly for just $7 shipping and handling!




Best Wishes John Vincent John Sig


P.S. The Free Your Mind Video Series and the content of my Personal Transformation Monthly offer you the tools to be free of unwanted stress, anxiety, worries and fear AND to uncover and supercharge your true self , to become the person you really want to be, to be the very best version of YOU

P.P.S. Remember – there are only a limited number of sets of Personal Transformation Monthly that I have available for this amazing offer, so be sure to act right away to secure yourself a copy and your Free Your Mind video series for FREE!



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