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“Act Fast And You Can Get Your Hands On My Rapport Master Video Series (worth $201)…



All I ask in return is that you take a 30-day trial of my “Personal Transformation Monthly” Membership Program for just $7


Membership Benefits Include:

It’s all about Uncovering YOUR True Self and Supercharging it to become the Person YOU Really Want to Be

To have the best life You have to become the best version of yourself.

Let go of the things that hold you back and develop the things that will advance you…


Each Month You Will Receive…

Direct to your door, a double CD focused on a different topic each month to:

  • Overcome the negative beliefs holding you back
  • Stop stagnating and get re-enthused with YOUR life
  • Get passionate and discover who you really are
  • Unlock your hidden skills and supercharge your true potential
  • See instant improvements and build on them month by month
  • Just do it, get motivated and actually do it rather than just dream about it

It’s about having the confidence, self belief and tools to take that leap, to change your career, to go for that promotion, to step outside that comfort zone and it’s about having the tenacity and skills to keep going, to be the very best you can be


Become You Version 2.0: Be the Best YOU Can Be…

#1 The Hypnosis CD: These powerful hypnosis recordings go deep into your subconscious to maximise your hidden potential

#2 The Conscious Mind CD: A collection of techniques tailored specifically to each month’s topic, designed to give YOU control, this is like the owners manual for YOUR brain that you weren’t given at birth!


Month One Trial…

Start your $7 trial today and get your first CD set delivered direct to your door… because month one is all about Confidence.

  • Instantly supercharge your confidence with the hypnosis session
  • Use conscious mind techniques to flood your body with confidence at will in any situation, even future situations where confidence has failed you in the past
  • Discover how you can *copycat* other peoples confidence and steal it for your own

When you start your $7 trial today you will get my Rapport Master video series completely FREE.

I’m absolutely certain you’re going to LOVE the Personal Transformation Monthly, but rest assured there’s absolutely NO OBLIGATION for you to stay a member after the 30-day trial period expires.


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Within the “Rapport Master” Video Series You’ll Discover:

RapportMasterRapport is a fundamental life skill, it’s the key to unlocking so many doors, it’s the key to successful relationships with family, friends and in business.

If you are to become successful, rich and happy… you can’t do it on your own…You need good rapport with people.

  • Be on the same “wave length” as the people you communicate with
  • Express your ideas more elegantly
  • Create deeper connections with friends, family and in business
  • Become much more likable and charismatic
  • Make snap connections and leave lasting good impressions

Described as a “Rapport Building Master Class”

Seventy bite sized videos, each 3-5 minutes long, in which you will learn skills I have spent 20 years and over $30,000 to learn… rapport skills and techniques that I have distilled down into bite size chucks to help you succeed.




I’m giving you the Rapport Master Video Series, worth $201 – COMPLETELY FREE as well as 30 days access to my Personal Transformation Monthly for just a $7!


Best Wishes

John Sig



John Vincent


P.S. The Rapport Master Video Series and the content of my Personal Transformation Monthly really do offer you the tools to uncover your true self and supercharge it, to become the person you really want to be, to be the very best version of YOU

P.P.S. Remember – there are only 100 sets of the Month One trial, Confidence double CD sets with FREE Access Passes to Rapport Master available. As soon as they’ve been ordered this site will be taken down!


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