You can watch the recording of the webinar online above or download it below.

Your Vision Clarifier Blueprint


Plus here are a few links to some blog posts and content that you may find useful…

A blog post (mp3) about anchoring and an experience, setting a motivation anchor

If you have difficulties seeing mental images you may find the content of this blog post useful
Help I can’t Visualize

Gratitude: a powerful and useful emotion (feeling)
Gratitude of the Taken for Granted

I talk about the NLP Spinning Technique in the webinar:
The NLP Spinning Technique PDF
The NLP Spinning Technique Mp3
Plus this report covers the Spinnning Technique
7 Day Whirlwind

Timeline: These two videos will run you through the TimeLine process for a specific Goal.
A Conversational and Mildly Hypnotic Version & An Explicit and Direct Instructional Version



How To Promote Yourself: Making The Man Who Can


To Download your copy of How To Promote Yourself simply right click on the text link below and click ‘Save Target As’ and save it to your computer.


How To Promote Yourself: Making The Man Who Can
Click here to Download the PDF


Do you have a copy of The Science of Getting Rich as an Audio book and PDF?

You can download a Free copy of it here
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