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Rapport Master FREE Video Series Giveaway


YES I want to take advantage of this fantastic special offer and claim my FREE access to the “Rapport Master” System (worth $201) for FREE!

I understand that by paying just $7 today for a one month trial of the Personal Transformation Monthly membership program (normally $39 a month) I will receive:



Offer Closes Midnight Sunday 15th

Month One Trial…

A double CD set directly to your door all about Confidence…

  • The Hypnosis CD: Instantly maximise and supercharge your confidence with this powerful hypnosis recording.
  • The Conscious Mind CD: A collection of techniques tailored specifically to take control of your confidence, to flood your body with confidence at will in any situation, even future situations where confidence has failed you in the past.


Get Instant Access to Rapport Master

  • 70 Videos, each 3-5 minutes long, in which you will learn rapport and influence skills and techniques, distilled down into bite size chucks.
  • Rapport is a fundamental life skill, it’s the key to unlocking so many doors, it’s the key to successful relationships with family, friends and in business.

Offer Closes Midnight Sunday 15th.

I understand this amazing free video series giveaway is a shameless bribe to get me to try the Personal Transformation Monthly membership program, but I’m ok with that, because I understand I can cancel at any time!


Once you have made your purchase of your $7 trial on Paypal remember to hit the ‘Return to HJH Punlishing’ button so you can tell me where to send your FREE Rapport Master Access Pass and where to deliver your Confidence double CD set to.



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