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Break free of the chains holding you back, let go of emotional baggage and free yourself of limiting behaviours with One-to-One NLP Skype Sessions. These powerful techniques work regardless of whether you understand them or even believe in them. NLP works directly with your subconscious mind and creates instant positive changes in your life.

Imagine sitting comfortably in your own home, feeling more relaxed and focused than you would in a therapy room. With advances in technology you can now use my one-to-one NLP services from the comfort of your own home. We can change your life, make huge positive changes without you even having to leave home. We can talk from miles away and it will be like I am in the room with


What Negative Issues Can These NLP Sessions Resolve?

In our one hour NLP Skype Session you will eradicate the behaviour that is holding you back, such as overcoming fears and anxieties or breaking free from unwanted habits. Instead you can start embracing new, more empowering behaviours.


Overcome and Eradicate:

  • Anger & Frustration
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • Fears & Worries
  • Panic Attacks
  • Bad Habits
  • Stress & Tension
  • Self-Criticism & Negative Self-Talk

So How Does It Work?

Skype is free and easy to use. It’s like an online phone call with video that allows us to talk for free over the internet on your computer.

You get all the benefits of a private one-to-one NLP session with me from anywhere in the world without any time traveling or any of the associated costs. Plus, because it is via Skype I am able to offer you amazing discounts for your sessions too.


The Advantages of using Skype One-to-One Online Therapy

  • You can enjoy your One-to-One NLP session from the comfort of your own home
  • There are no travel costs or wasted time travelling
  • You can choose a day and time that is best for you
  • You can choose to work directly with me wherever you are in the world
  • It is just like you were face to face with me thanks to the video call feature in Skype


“I now look forward to other opportunities where I can speak in public. Thank you for working with me and helping me make this difference in my life”

Marty D.

“It just makes me smile when I think of it, I don’t have any fear… I’m impressed you fixed that in 18 minutes! That’s very good”

Tansie N.


Limited Availability

I am only taking on just 10 individual clients at this special offer price. This is to allow for enough time and dedication to each one of those clients whilst still meeting my other commitments. Clients are accepted on a first come first serve basis.


Your Special Discount

If you came to see me in my office, a private one-to-one session would normally cost you $1000 per change. Normally these skype sessions would cost $500 per change…

But today and for a limited availability only you can buy your own One-to-One NLP Session with me for just $150. A special introductory offer and massive 70% off the normal price for you as one of my email subscribers

I already know you are someone who appreciates personal development and, like me, you’re interested in getting the very best out of your life and I wanted to help you eradicate any negative issues that might be holding you back from achieving that.

Recently I asked a number of my email subscribers what it was that they wanted help with and a whopping 60% said that they needed help overcoming limiting beliefs and behaviours.

So today, for a limited number of customers I am offering 70% off my normal one-to-one skype session prices and you can get your private skype session with me for just $150

This is $150 is for a change, whether you want to overcome a specific anxiety, phobia or emotional issue or break free from a negative behaviour that is currently holding you back from enjoying the very best in your life.

In our one hour session we will eradicate it and make the change that you desire. Instead you will embrace new, more empowering behaviours and beliefs. Get the most from your life and get rid of the baggage.


Break Free of the Chains Holding You Back, Let Go of Emotional Baggage & Embrace More Empowering Behaviours

Make Instant & Lasting Changes in Your Life with Your Own Private NLP Session

For a One Time Payment of Only $500 $150


The Next Steps

  • Buy your One-to-One Online NLP Session now and take advantage of this limited availability offer
  • Heloise will get in touch with you, run through a couple of questions so I can better understand the Change you want to achieve in our session. Heloise will then set up a time and date that best suits you when I am available for our session on Skype.
  • Enjoy your very own One-to-One NLP session and make a massive positive changes in your life

That’s it, simple and all from the comfort of your own home!


My Risk Free Guarantee

I expect you to see dramatic changes and freedom from the negative issue holding you back in your life.

In fact, I am so confident of this that I am offering a full 60 days money back guarantee.  If you don’t think your session was the best investment you made in YOU and you don’t see the results you were expecting, just let me know and I will give you all your money back.


Invest in YOU and Set Yourself Free Today

It’s Time to Let Go of the Past and Eradicate the Negative Issues in Your Life

For a One Time Payment of Only $500 $150


More Advice About Getting Connected With Skype

Starting your Skype Online One-to-One NLP Session is easy. The very first thing to do is to check that you have the required hardware equipment:

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