The Emotion That Puts Things In Motion

I’m talking about gratitude…

It’s got to be one of the most POWERFUL emotions there is.

From Plato “A grateful mind is a great mind which eventually attracts to itself great things”

To Oprah Winfrey saying “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”

It costs nothing and makes your life a better place. Waking up each morning and flooding your body with gratitude makes you feel good and feeling good is, well good!

But it does so much more than that…

Sometimes, if life isn’t going your way it can be difficult to feel grateful for things. This is when you need to remind yourself of the ‘gratitude for the taken for granted’.

Just think about this for a moment.

For thousands of years a hot bath, with music playing in the background, sensual aromas and mood lighting was a privileged reserved for royalty and the rich only.


Hot water running on demand would have involved handmaidens attending to it. Music playing softly would have of course involved having one or more musicians playing in the background, maybe behind a curtain. The sensual aromas would come from either candles or incense and the mood lighting from oil lamps and candles. All these things created an experience that most people would NEVER have been able to afford and experience!

Today taking a bath, with hot water on tap, music, bubbles or bath bombs, scented candles and low lighting is something that we can all enjoy.

But for thousands of years the only people who got to have these experiences were the top 0.1% of the world.

Can you be grateful for that… of course you can!

What about the light that comes on at the flick of a switch and illuminates you. The electricity you can connect to and power your computer, phone, TV and music system, the heating that come on automatically and heats your house, all the things that you take for granted as your right as a human in the 21st century.

All of these things I am grateful for daily.

I am also grateful for the wonderful people in my life, the people I share my experiences with and the opportunities I have.

There are so many things in life to be grateful for, things that you do have.

Sure there are things that you don’t have, but focusing on what you don’t have will only have you see more of the things you don’t have. Focusing of what you do have and what you already are grateful for is something that will make you feel the feelings of gratitude and put you in that grateful state of mind.

You can think about what you don’t have and feel sad that you don’t have them or you can feel grateful for what you do have and feel grateful that you are working toward having more of the things and experiences that you do want.

The choice is simple.

Smile and feel grateful for everything wonderful in your life right now.


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  1. Thank you for this article, it is great to be thankful for the little things into our life. Everyday I say thank you for the good & still warm weather, and the more thank you I say, the better I feel. Peace to you.

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