The Process of Change

I took some time out from my 40th Birthday holiday exploring the vibrant city of Marrakech to talk about the Process of Change.

This short video is an introduction to some upcoming content that I hope will really help you guys (by the way Marrakech is very vibrant city and finding anywhere peaceful was difficult.


Main Video Summary Points


  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Install New Positive beliefs

I will be sharing some Psychological techniques for change on my blog to help you with these soon


  • Decide what you do want
  • State it in the positive
  • Decide upon a date for completion
  • Build a full sensory rich experience:

………….a) Fully associated sensory experience

………….b) Disassociated image of how you will loo

More on the actual how to do thisĀ coming soon to my blog


  • You actually need to take action, obviously.

Psychological techniques for change, Hypnosis, action steps, motivation and moreā€¦


To Download this Summary in PDF format Click Here

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