The Science of Getting Rich 365 Shuffle

When you regularly spend just a few minutes each day listening to anything you subsequently think about it regularly.

The Science of Getting Rich is a best selling book about becoming wealthy that has been an inspiration for many people, including Rhonda Byrne, Creator of The Secret. And Wallace Wattle’s promise is that, ‘it will work for you if you follow it‘.

So if you want you sign up to ‘The 365 Shuffle’ – it’s free – you will receive a link each day to a random chapter from Wallace Wattles classic book, for 365 days.

Play it on your phone, computer, in the car, take just a few minutes to do something positive about your money mindset every day.

So, you can sit back for a few minutes and listen to a chapter a day. You can do this anywhere and at anytime you want; before you start your day, whilst driving, taking a break from your computer, taking time out to relax.

8 Replies to “The Science of Getting Rich 365 Shuffle”

  1. Thanks John.
    I have just listened to the first one, what a great idea. i can see myself listening to these each day and reinforcing the ideas from Wallace Wattles book.
    Thanks again.

  2. Hi John,
    Thanks so much for this. I bought and listened to Mr Wattles years ago and so loved it. It will be such a joy to re-visit it. I think I even have the book.

    1. Hi Dr Quila,

      I’m glad you are looking forward to re-visiting Wallace Wattles book and when you do it daily the ideas really start to get into your mind and you see them manifesting in your actions and behaviours.

      I hope you enjoy,

  3. That’s means I will listen to each chapter 21.5 this year!

    Each message repeated 20 times after the first listen… there are some things that I do much more often than 21 times a year, but i want to be rich more than all of them. Kinda puts it in perspective!

    Looking forward to this. Thanks.

  4. Hi John

    I listened to my second random chapter on my way to work today, it was awsome. So easy to make time for this 🙂

    Such a cool idea, thank you

  5. If you can stay calm while all around you is chaos, then you probably haven’t completely understood the situation. 🙂

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