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Do you love to go into trance and make Positive Changes?


If the answer is yes read on…

People are always asking me the difference between Meditation and Hypnosis.

To me the difference is focus.

Sure there are meditations that are about making change and there are hypnosis experiences that are more spiritual.

But for me Hypnosis is about going into trance for a reason (and that can be relaxation).

It’s about using the awesome power of the unconscious mind to make changes.

Trance Club is a Monthly Hypnosis Club with the focus of the hypnosis sessions on freedom, Personal Freedom.


Sorry, Trance Club is Now Closed


I believe, as Wallace Wattles believed, that in order to be truly free one must be rich.

So the focus of these trances will include:

  • Removing blocks to wealth
  • Opening your eyes to opportunity
  • Confidence and Self image
  • Mindset and Motivation
  • Creativity and many more…

Each month I will send you a new hypnosis session.

Because this is a living evolving project the sessions will be influence by the seasons and the tide of opportunity.

It is also something that can be influenced by you.

I Get emails all the time from people, recently someone was asking me about hypnotic trances that they can listen to at bedtime, then go to sleep afterwards with no wake-up at the end.

I am excited by the prospect of helping so many people and at the price I’ve set for it…

When I first started working as a hypnotherapist I charged £50 (about $80) an hour, as my success grew so did my fee.

Most of the hypnotherapists and agents of change that I know charge 10 times that amount and more to work one to one with people producing dramatic results.

I know that not everyone can afford those kind of prices.

But with the powerful reach of the internet and MP3 recordings I can write, record and offer it at a much lower price to you…

I bought lunch the other day and it cost me £11 (that’s about $17) for a wrap, salad and a drink, it was lovely, but it was gone after 15 minutes.

These hypnosis sessions in Trance Club last longer than that and will be yours forever. So I thought why not offer them to you at the same price as my Lunch! Just $17 a month.

Join now and get instant access to the first session.


“My Guarantee to You”

Love it or your money back. That’s it!

That’s my full Guarantee, no strings, no hoops to jump through and nothing to send back if you don’t like it. Love it or your money back.

It’s my hope that you will love what I create for you and will want to join me on this adventure.

– John Vincent


Sorry, Trance Club is Now Closed


I think that about sums up Trance Club.

If you want to know more or have any suggestions get in touch:


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