Vision Clarifier Live Event

I have just come back from seeing the Olympic torch pass through my home town of Henley-on-Thames. On foot, in a rowing boat and proceeded with a procession.

The flame was created in Olympia by focusing the Suns rays and flown to the UK before touring round 95% of the country.

Now that must have taken some planning!

Now, here’s what I’m planning…

A Live Webinar called:

Get very clear about the next twelve months and each of the five key areas of life, then make an action plan to achieve your results.


Snappy title eh!

I believe videos and audios are a great medium, but a live interactive experience is even better! Especially one that you can attend from the comfort of your own home

When was the last time you sat down and planned out all of your goals for the next 12 months (and more) in each of the five key areas of life.

And then made a definite action plan for attaining those goals


Make a Definite Action Plan For Attaining Your Goals


We are going to sit down for a couple of hours and I’m going to help you plan out exactly what you want and how to get it.

Once you have your goals in each area of life, we are going to look at the important markers along the way. 6 months (half way) 9 & 3 months. We will also plot each month and go into even more detail for the first three months. To help you attain the targets you need to achieve to get the desired results.

Then we will use an eyes closed process for future planning and to lock the goals into place.


If things seem like a lot of work… then people tend to put them off and never do them!

That’s why this is an amazing opportunity to join me on this 2 hour Webinar and actually get it done!


All sorted. Mapped out. A clear mental image.
Plus action steps to take. Done in one session


I’m sure every self help and personal development book, CD, DVD, seminar, website and more that you have every seen talks about the importance of having a clear vision.

Plus you get to ask me questions! Either via email before it starts or live on the Webinar


Places on this Webinar are limited.
I want to give my attention to a small group.


Of course this Live Event is covered by my money back guarantee!

You can attend the Webinar and if for any reason whatsoever (even if it’s just because you don’t like the sound of my voice), you don’t love the content, I will refund you, no questions

That’s my full Guarantee, no strings, no hoops to jump through and nothing to send back if you don’t like it. Love it or your money back.


Join Me on the Vision Clarifier Live Event on Sunday July 15th, 11am EST


Now, if you were to come to me one-to-one as a client, I would do the same stuff I’m going to do on this Webinar in my office, but it would cost you. $997

I’m not going to charge that, I’m not even going to change half of that.

I thought about $97… a small investment for a powerful process that could lead to a new career, relationship, vastly improved financial situation, weight loss of 40lb’s… or more

But I wanted it to be in reach of most people, so I though about $47 and $39

But in the end, and maybe because it’s the first time I’m doing this as a Webinar, I’ve decided to price it at…


Just $27


A one time fee for the live Webinar plus I will give you a recording of it free, including the eyes closed process.

But, you have to sign-up for it before midnight on Friday because after that date I’m opening it up to the rest of the world and the price will be $27.


I’ll speak to you on the inside…



PS: Plan and see what you need to have achieved to get you there.

It’s going to be amazing. Transformational

PPS: Remember the Webinar will be at full price by midnight on Friday


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