Vision Clarifier Webinar Recording

You can watch the recording of the webinar online above or download it below.

I have also put a link to the Vision Clarifier book

This goes into more depth, working out what you really want.








Plus here are a few links to some blog posts and content that you may find useful…

A blog post (mp3) about anchoring and an experience, setting a motivation anchor

If you have difficulties seeing mental images you may find the content of this blog post useful
Help I can’t Visualize

Gratitude: a powerful and useful emotion (feeling)
Gratitude of the Taken for Granted

I talk about the NLP Spinning Technique in the webinar:
The NLP Spinning Technique PDF
The NLP Spinning Technique Mp3
Plus this report covers the Spinnning Technique
7 Day Whirlwind

Timeline: These two videos will run you through the TimeLine process for a specific Goal.
A Conversational and Mildly Hypnotic Version & An Explicit and Direct Instructional Version




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