Wake-Up Happy

Happiness is a state of mind. Wake up Happy

If like me, you dislike alarm clocks! I have a new, awesome and inspiring way for you to wake up…

Rather than suddenly being woken up from a deep sleep, now you can wake up gently, with a smile on your face and maybe even a laugh, now you can Wake up Happy…

This wake-up track starts at zero volume and gently fades in with up beat music and powerful hypnotic/motivational affirmations to help you wake-up Happy (trust me this will put a smile on your face)*

wake up ipodRight Click Here to Download ‘Wake-Up Happy MP3 FREE


Release Your Inner Optimism and Take Control of Your Own Emotions with Life Long Happiness




* Simply download it and put it on your phone, then select it as the ‘tone’ that you use for your alarm clock. Set your alarm for 3 minutes before you want to wake up and this track will wake you up gently and happily…


And Remember to let me know what you think in the comments below… Did it Make You Laugh?

16 Replies to “Wake-Up Happy”

  1. Hello John

    Thank you so much for this awakening as funny as laughter yoga !
    You rock !
    It makes me get conscious of my negative mindset because of anxiety even if I sleep well.



    1. Thank you Marie, I love laughter yoga thank you for the comparison 🙂 It’s a great way to wake up in a positive mindset…


  2. John, I am grateful for your generosity! I cringe and am agitated by my glaring alarm clocks! I can’t wait to try this tomorrow morning. Many blessings to you!

  3. That was incredible. And definitely funny. I love it. And I haven’t used it to wake up yet. It made me laugh soooo much. Thank you

    1. Hi Debbe,

      The track starts silent and fades in, depending on how loud you have your phone set it may sound totally quite for the first minute.

      Set your alarm 3 minuets before you want to wake up and wake up happy 🙂

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