Let’s Party: Raw Cacao NLP Process

This was inspired by a Raw Cacao Ceremony in a remote location deep in the jungles of Koh Phangan.

I loved the core ideas at the heart of the ceremony, they were simple, yet powerful and beautiful. They are all about having a better life…

*There is a link to download this 3 set process at the bottom of this post

This is about YOU becoming the conscious architect of your thoughts, allowing you to shape your own future in line with your desires, You getting more of what you want from life.

I was asked by Bernardo of the Best You Magazine to write an article… I chose this experience to write about and create a recording of an NLP process I’ve been working on.

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The Best You
is the leading personal development magazine in the world. All their content is chosen with the aim of being thought-provoking, while giving you insights into personal development areas as they change and evolve.

The Magazine covers a wide variety of subjects from relaxation, diet and exercise through to Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), sports psychology and motivation.

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Download The Spirit of Being 3 Step NLP Process

Three powerful NLP processes combined making a daily ‘ritual’ that sets you up for success.

1) Letting go of things that don’t serve you
2) Feeling grateful for what you do have
3) Setting a powerful and positive intention for the future


Download the Spirit of Being NLP morning booster process here

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Morning Gratitude Meditation

The benefits of starting your day with the feelings of Abundance & Gratitude are scientifically PROVEN (as if we need scientific proof that gratitude is good for us!)

Gratitude: a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive

Always start your day with gratitude… start your day off knowing you are loved and focusing on all the good things in life… and imagine how much easier and happier the day will begin and continue

Gratitude: a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive

This short morning gratitude booster is designed to help you to flood your body with feelings of gratitude and insights that enliven you and set you up for an AWESOME day. Maybe even follow it with some Brain Wave Entrainment like Peace of Mind: www.hjhpublishing.com/Peace-of-Mind/ and your gold!


Want to Download the Morning Gratitude Booster?

If you would like to download this Morning Gratitude booster as an mp3 you can. You can have it for FREE. Because I’m grateful that you are interested in my work 🙂 There is a link in the description on the Youtube page, click the link and download the recording…

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Help I can’t Visualize

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Do you find it difficult to imagine or picture something in your mind? Do you hate it when someone says “Picture what you want and see it in detail”, because you have difficulty ‘seeing’ images in your minds eye?

This is a question I get asked all the time…

This 25 minute audio recording will give you 5 techniques and examples for increasing your ability to visualize in your mind.


I look forward to reading your comment below.

These 5 techniques for improving your ability to visualize include:

  • The Post-it Note Techniques
  • Right and Left Hand Pictures
  • The Rainbow Technique
  • Geometric Shapes
  • 3D Transformation

This audio is really for anyone who wants to learn a few simple ways to increase their ability to visualize.

So if this is of interest to you I hope you enjoy it.


Activate and Embed the 5 Key Techniques to Visualization into Your Life Today

  • Deepen your connection with meditation and hypnosis by learning the powerful techniques to visualizing quickly and effectively
  • Sky rocket your success with personal development tools such as hypnosis, meditation, visualization and NLP by being a master at picturing what you want and seeing it in detail
  • Increase your memory and sharpen your visual recall for greater success and understanding in all areas of your life

Improve Your Powers of Visualization with this Unique Hypnosis Session for just $27 $9.97


An Interview with Niraj of the Alpha Mind

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The Alpha Mind System has been developed by both scientists, physicians and musicians.

I caught up with Niraj and asked him about the Alpha State.

We also talked about enhanced learning, focus, creativity, deeper sleep, stronger immune system, well-being, the father of personal development and much more.


 You can Check out the Alpha Mind System and learn to switch on your beneficial Alpha brainwave state at will.

Niraj Naik is the founder of the Alpha Mind System, one half of amAya and has worked as a pharmacist and health and wellness consultant to various organizations in the UK.

He has co-produced the alpha brainwave music and has written special guides that show you how to make the best use of the System.

They are based on his own self healing “miracle” after recovering from a chronic disease the result of using the same techniques found within the Alpha Mind System.

Find out more about the Alpha Mind System and get your Free samples and book Here

Instant Motivation Anchor

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In this audio I give a short explanation about what Anchoring is.

Then I will run you through the process of creating your very own motivation anchor.

Finally I show you how to use your new anchor to attach motivation to things you want to do. All this in under 15 minutes


I look forward to reading your comment below…

In this audio you will hear me mention the motivation trance from this months Trance Club (but this is a stand alone audio that will explain to you how to create a motivation anchor and utilize it).


 A Short Introduction to NLP Anchoring

An anchor is a stimulus response, a Pavlovian response, after the Russian scientist Pavlov and his eponymous dogs. In his legendary experiment, Pavlov set about linking sound to the pleasure and expectation of food in the minds of his canine subjects. By simply ringing a bell before feeding the dogs, over a period of time, he succeeded in building up a link in the dog’s minds between the sound of a bell and food. Eventually the sound of the bell ringing would cause a response in the dogs; they would salivate and come running looking for food, even though they could neither see nor smell it. The animals had built up an association with a certain frequency, volume, and tone to their reward, food. Unlike in the above example, an anchor can become established without a direct reward and without long periods of time for conditioning in order for them to become fully established; best of all it does not just work with dogs!

Words are also anchors. The sound made, – called a ‘word’ – is linked inside the mind to an experience or many experiences of said ‘word’. For example: ‘Successful’ is a word that has many meanings, all of those meanings that you can think of are ones that you have attached to the word. A word like ‘money’ is a noun, it names objects, things that exists in reality; we have all seen money, heard money, felt money and maybe smelt and possibly in some instances even tasted money! All five senses can be engaged in exploring exactly what the object known as ‘money’ is. However, if I asked you to imagine ‘money’ right now there are many variables in your imagination of ‘money’ and they will differ to that of mine and of another person. For example: is your money coins or notes? What currency is it? How much is there? Are you holding the money, just looking at it or are you not even in the picture? Everyone will have a different representation of money and yet these are all accepted as something we identify as money, something we have all seen and heard etc.

However, when we consider words like ‘happiness’, ‘excitement’, ‘learning’ or indeed ‘success’ and ‘motivation’; words that do not relate to real or concrete objects, we cannot even begin to imagine how different the meanings are that we attach to such words compare to those of other people.

In Pavlov’s classic experiment he linked a sound to a feeling; the two had no connection other than occurring at the same time. What we can do with the N.L.P technique of anchoring is to elicit a feeling and deliberately associate the powerful feelings of motivation to whatever we choose and become motivated to do it. We can deliberately program our brains to be more successful.

I hope you enjoy the audio and look forward to reading your comment below…

Making Time in 2012 to Achieve Your Goals

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2012 has 51 weeks left in it.

How much you do and achieve in this time is up to the way that you plan your time and the way you perceive time as it passes.

This audio session will help keep you get motivated to stay on track with your goals for 2012 and move you forward to achieving them.

Let me know what you think in the comment box below.


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