Making Time in 2012 to Achieve Your Goals

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2012 has 51 weeks left in it.

How much you do and achieve in this time is up to the way that you plan your time and the way you perceive time as it passes.

This audio session will help keep you get motivated to stay on track with your goals for 2012 and move you forward to achieving them.

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.Download This Audio: Here

Watch: Time(line) For Wealth Here

12 Replies to “Making Time in 2012 to Achieve Your Goals”

  1. Great stuff John. Really Encouraging; your words are. I seem more inspired by your programs as time goes on. Especially the “Science of getting Rich” Hypnosis freebie! Thanks; I use it every night to sleep to.
    You really do have a vocal gift that helps me dirft into Trance easier.
    Maybe it’s the “Britt” accent but whatever it is, I’m grateful.

    Thanks again John — I AM Improving already — I can sense it!!!

    1. Thanks. I’m Glad you are enjoying part one of The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis and noticing improvements, its great to hear:-)

  2. Congratulations on getting moved into the new home, and on purchasing a new car. I turn 33 on the 15th Jan. and am looking myself to make this a great year. Thanks for everything!

    1. Hey Bryan, thanks for your wishes, really looking forward to unpacking all the boxesโ€ฆ

      I hope you have a fantastic birthday on Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

      2012 is just getting started and we have some great plans and gifts to share this yearโ€ฆ

  3. Hi John,

    I love your “The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis” freebie, I listens to it at bedtime and I always fall asleep and then you wake me up, lol.

    Do these types of subconcience hypnosis work better during sleep or while awake? Do you have something where I can stay sleep?

    I turn 49 on 1/25, and would love to really start to be consistent in my home based business, I’m reall hoping this works. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Thank you. The words still go in your ears if you are asleep, awake or in trance. Its not the the conscious mind that the hypnosis sessions are designed for but the unconscious or subconscious mind and that is always listening (thats why you hear alarm clocks or people waking you).

      All the sessions I have recorded do have a wake-up at the end, but you can tell yourself to go deeper asleep when you hear the wake-up starting and sleep through it…

      maybe I will record an overnight wealth building success trance.

      Happy birthday for the 25th ๐Ÿ™‚

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