The Golden Rule

Nine words from the Science of Getting Rich that are not written by Wallace Wattles:

“What I want for myself, I want for everybody”
‘Golden Rule’ Jones of Toledo

Wallace Wattles closes Chapter 14 of his book the Science of Getting Rich with this quote from turn of the (20th) Century Mayor of Toledo, Samuel Milton ‘Golden Rule’ Jones.

A contemporary of Wattles, ‘Golden Rule’ Jones applied this rule in his business and he became successful, loved by the people and ended up as Mayor of Toledo.

Jones, who had little formal education as a child (having to work to help his family out of financial difficulties) had by the age of 24 started his first business. Becoming a wealthy man Jones refused to pay his workers low wages. Disliked by other business owners, as Mayor he built free kindergartens, parks and reformed the city government to improve working conditions.

He asked three things of his employees, that they: work hard, be honest, and that they follow The Golden Rule. If his workers followed these three things  Jones promised safe working conditions and his employees a fair wages.

But what is the Golden Rule?

It’s a two way relationship. A relationship that ‘you’ and another person (or group of people) have that is reciprocal, mutually beneficial to all.

Simply put The Golden Rule is: treat others as you would like others to treat you.

From ancient Babylon, China, Egypt, Greece to the major religions and philosophies of Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Platonism, Sikhism, Taoism through to current psychology and sociology, all have their own versions of The Golden Rule.

Anyone living by The Golden Rule treats everyone as they would like to be treated (not just friends and family). If we treat others badly we are really just treating ourselves in exactly the same way…

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“What I want for myself, I want for everybody”
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The Charter for Compassion was born from a TED Prize and is based on
The Golden Rule.

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19 Replies to “The Golden Rule”

  1. Spot on. Thank you for writing this, brining it to my attention, making me think about it and showing me the video. It choked me up and makes me think there is hope.
    Blessing to you John

    1. Thank you Carressa,

      The video is powerful…

      and based on what I think should be everyone’s number one Golden Rule.

      Glad you enjoyed:-)

  2. Great video John, I appreciate you sharing with us. The video really touched me and compelling me to share with my friends and family. Many Blessings to you John.

    1. Hi Preston,

      Thanks for the comment, it’s a very inspirational video and such a familiar concept…

      I hope your friends and family enjoy:-)

    1. Hi Roger,

      Existing in every culture, philosophy, religion for thousands of years this message truly is one for the 21st century and beyond…

  3. “The mind that seeks for mastery over others is the competitive mind; and the competitive mind is not the creative one” Wallace Wattles sogr. Wallace really knew what he was talking about and you have given me something to think about also John, thanks.

  4. Thank you John for reminding us to go back to the basics of humanity. All the troubles in the world are caused by greed. The “Golden Rule” is completely the contrary, and it is healing to the soul. I hope everybody try it, even for a day.

  5. “Seek for everybody else, the same what you seek for your self” Are the summary of words of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).
    Thanks John for your great efforts.

  6. Hey John, thanks for sharing this, i had goosebumps during the video.
    What a powerful message and indeed i believe humanity is at a turning-point in existence and we are all heading to a more awakened future.
    I told about 1 month ago to my son who’s almost 6, that harmony in life is based on a triangle ‘”Trust – Value – Partnership”, to people, our environment or the universe. Take one of them out of the equation, you go straight back to 0.
    Have an excellent day

  7. Sharing this message is the best take away! Thank you; let’s all pass it on! AND, let’s all act with compassion, loving, particularly the ones who are hard to love – they need it most!!

  8. Hi John,
    This is an eyeopener and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
    If you are on your way to Pyramid valley, near Bengaluru once again and passing through Kanakapura road , please let me know.It will be great to meet you in person.


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